Heart Beginning's

"My daughter, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways." Proverbs 23:26

"The plan of beginning outside and trying to work inward has always failed and always will fail. God's plan with you is to begin at the seat of all dificulties, the heart, and then from out of the heart will issue the principleso f righteousness; the reformation will be outward as well as inward." EGW

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ice House Canyon


At Ice House Saddle...after gaining a couple thousand feet in elevation. Anybody else sore?

A steep climb up...calls for a dip in the river!

Brrr...defiantly coming from snow-melt!

On the way up they were all awake...them being the lady bugs that have turned this tree red....they were in our hair, our clothes, and up your nose! On they way down we were glad to see they had all picked the same tree to fall asleep! Shhh...don't you dare wake them up!

Top of Timber Mt. the crew thinned out a bit...but the view was defiantly worth the extra mile!


Tiffany said...

Elizabeth Randall! It's so good to see your face. I found your blog again. I see that you are with Advent Hope of California (I even see people that I knew from Southern...I think I recognize David Russell in one pic). We have an Advent HOPE here in Florida too. This some how makes me feel more connected to you :) I hope life is going well in California. I miss you dearly. Love you!
Tiffany Odiyar (Blankenship)

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